Power Development

Power Development

Power Shine Energy aims to invest in power plants and operate them. Our vision is to produce solar power at an affordable cost and supply them to various government utilities, residential and commercial.

Power Shine creates SPV’s for each project and offers investors an attractive ROI. Since we undertake the EPC for the complete project we can guarantee the project output. Our technical tie-ups with leading European companies ensure that we use only the highest quality panels making the project bankable. We follow both routes PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) as well as REC (Renewable Energy Certificate).

In the PPA route the supply is fixed for a period of 25 years with a state utility.

In the REC route the sale of electricity is in two parts. -

» Part 1 - Sale to a local distribution utility not exceeding the APCC (Average Pooled Cost of Power).
» Part 2 - Selling Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) on the exchange to obligated entities.

Solar Power Development in India

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) - FiT Driven PPA Market Driven

Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM)

  • Grid Connected:
    Phase 1:
    »  1,000 MW by 2013 (500 MW of Solar Thermal)
    »  20,000 MW by 2022
  • Rooftop & Small-scale Solar Power Generation
    »  100 MW already alloted
  • Off-grid & De-centralized Solar Applications
    »  Market Size of 200 MW by 2013
    »  Market Size of 2000 MW by 2022

State Level Program

  • Several states have come out with Solar policies to encourage development of Solar power.
  • Gujarat:
    »  Signed PPA´s for about 965 MW of solar power
  • Rajasthan:
    »  Phase 1 - (upto 2013) Maximum capacity to be developed - 20 MW
    »  Phase 2 - (2014-2017) Maximum capacity to be developed - 400 MW (Additional)

Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Market

  • »  Developers can trade REC with utilities that are short of the mandated quota of renewable energy in the power exchange
  • »  REC Market has started trading in India in March 2011
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